Back off of Chris Kyle

Photo: NBC

Photo: NBC

For what it’s worth, and it may not be worth anything to some. But in my humble opinion, I believe Chris Kyle’s recollection of his medal count. One thing that I found out with my own military record, especially after the Gulf War was that paperwork was not always completed and copies were not made ready available to us. Some of my own medals and awards I had to submit to have them added because my DD214 was incorrect. And because of that I also have a DD215. But even with my corrections, there are still subsequent awards that I have no copy to prove to the Army that I in fact received them. I know I earned my second Army Achievement Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and Good Conduct Medal but I have no record to prove it. All I have is my word. But for Stolen Valor witch hunters, that means nothing. In the original article someone was quoted saying that “the process involves people and inevitably some errors may occur.” Those omissions do not make this Veteran less of a Hero. And his claim to those awards do not make him a embellisher. He earned those awards too. I believe Chris Kyle. I have no reason to doubt him. Why his record is being questioned after death is beyond me. What shows on his current DD214 reflects nothing less than of a Hero. God Bless you Chris Kyle and Thank you for your service

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