Fishing for Heroes

Fishing with HeroesSomething I forgot to post from last week when I picked up my CPAP from the Medical Supply store. A Marine Vet was training me on how to use it and we just got to talking. PTSD mainly but also the Veteran Fishing Program. But this just came up. His words resonated with me regarding a hot topic among some MilBloggers. He said, “The military takes a boy, makes him a man, trains him to use weapons to kill fake human targets, then sends him to war to kill real human targets so when later they are psychologically affected, non-profit groups that believe that they can help them deal with the affects of killing by giving them a weapon to shoot more fake human targets or take them hunting to kill live animals.” At that moment, I just paused. It was a WTF moment. I support Fishing for Heroes. I’m looking forward to attending a trip one of these days.

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