Question & Answer

Questions & Answer

1. Were you ever a SGT Sergeant?
"Yes. I attended the E5 board during Desert Shield and attained "promotable status." I met the cut off score in and around January '91 and received a "field" promotion to SGT under AR 600-8-19 (11-2-f). I don't have the exact regulation version from 1991. It has been updated several times since then."

2. Why does your profile show Specialist E4 "P?"
"I attained promotable status after I passed the E5 board and met cut off score. I am proud that I made the list. It shows my accomplishment not only because I earned enough promotion points but passed my E5 board."

3. Your DD214 shows you separated as an Specialist E4 not E5, Why?
"After returning from the Gulf War I had 7 months left in service. PLDC (Primary Leadership Development Course) was a requirement for Sergeant and you must have 1 year left of service after completion. During my reenlistment process, I was working on changing my MOS. The job I wanted was over strength and mine was under strength. Other MOS options did not appeal to me. I chose not to reenlist. Those that were awarded SGT by cut off score in Desert Storm and did not reenlist to meet the time left in service requirement were administrative reduced back to Specialist E4."

4. You don't have PTSD.
"My disability claim was approved in 1995. With the help of the DAV, this time around, is currently working on getting it increased."

5. Did you see combat? "Yes, The milbloggers in their attempt to say I did not see combat took a post from my facebook about one specific event, after the Desert Storm ceasefire, that I was recollecting after a newsfeed post popped up to say it was the closest I had seen to combat. I prefaced it "War Story Alert" in a metaphoric sense as I recollected. Here is the link used by" [Link]

6. Mechanics are FOBs or Fobbits.
"Not all mechanics are FOBs. 63E M1A1 Abrams Tank Systems Mechanics operated two vehicles, M113 and the M88 recovery vehicle. All M1 mechanics moved with their assigned company of tanks in formation."

7. You are a POG!
"You mean as in, Person Other than Grunt, I was not Infantry. I was an M1A1 Tank Systems Mechanic. I was in an Armor Battalion attached to the 24th Infantry Division. At that time we were part of Ordnance. I was assigned to Alpha Company (Anvil)."

8. What specific event gave you PTSD in the shortest war in history?
"Who knows. It happens. Often it is caused by experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event. "

9. You have stolen valor.
"All my awards are accounted for on my DD214 and it's supplement DD215."

10. What battles were you in?
"Battles that the 4-64 Armor Battalion were involved in are well documented in the book, "Tuskers: An Armored Battalion." I highly recommend the book. Excellent reading."

11. News reporter said you were in the service for 8 years.
"Yes, Kaci Jones, did in fact say that in error on her report. I served 4 years active duty and 4 years inactive. I contacted Chase Cochran and advised him of the error."

12. You said you are afraid of guns but you displayed and fired a long gun in an Honor Guard formation.
"I am not afraid of guns or rifles. I never said I was "scared" of guns. But I am concerned about people that I do not know open carrying a weapon in a public area. And yes, that situation stresses not only me but a lot of people in general." Link to Art Leal "open carrying." [Link]

13. You are against the 2nd amendment.
"As the report stated, I am not against concealed carry or the 2nd amendment." View clip [Clip]

14. You don't represent all Veterans.
"Correct. I have never claimed to represent all veterans. The intent of the news piece was to bring awareness to the very real condition of PTSD and it's possible affects as it relates to open carry."

15. You were wearing a DAV cap, so you were misrepresenting the organization.
"I am proud member of the DAV and VFW. I wear my cap to veteran events to identify as a Veteran. Sometimes I wear my vest which also bears military and organization regalia. My intent was not to represent the DAV. The report did in fact focus on my cap and gave the appearance that I was representing the DAV. For this I apologized to my chapter Commander and the National Commander of the DAV." Both organizations reaffirmed my membership and sent correspondence to both local chapters.

16. You indicated on your website that were a 63E20 but you were a 63E10.
"Yes, this was an memory error and has been corrected immediately on my profile. Thank you for bringing to my attention."

17. Your card is bullshit.
"I did not design the card, it was already out there circulating on the net. I liked the card so I simply ordered some as a way to bring awareness. To some people it is BS, I'm sure to the original designer it was not. It just so happened that I had some media facebook friends that wanted to do a story."

18. Art Leal sucks 1 and 2.
"I am not perfect, and I have been called worse."

19. You are a disgrace to all Veterans.
"That is a personal opinion, but you should know that I would do anything for a veteran in need. I love my comrades and I forgive all those who have sent horrible, distasteful, and deplorable comments and messages to me including degrading MEMES."

20. You embellish your service!
"I am not embellishing. Facts are facts. I am proud of my service. One thing I DO NOT DO is BRAG. The first sign of an "embellisher" is someone who brags (a lot). You know; the 25th anniversary is coming up of the Gulf War. I have been thinking a lot about it. I follow groups dedicated to the 24th Inf. Mech. I see things post in my feed and I remember things. I like to share my memories with my friends and followers."

21. You don't have a CAB!
"CAB, Combat Action Badge, did not start getting awarded til 8 September 2001."

22. You just did this because you are running for Mayor.
"Actually, I ran for Mayor in 2008. I am currently not running for Mayor."